Akron Intergroup | A.A. Archives

775 N. Main St
Akron, OH 44310-3044

Serving a five county area since 1954 in the birthplace of A.A.

St. Thomas Hospital

444 North Main Street
Akron, OH 44310

The first alcoholic ward where Dr. Bob & Sister Ignatia worked to help 5,000 alcoholics. Memorial in the chapel on the second floor.

Dr. Bob’s Home

855 Ardmore Ave
Akron, OH 44302-1240
(330) 864-1935


Dr. Bob & Anne lived here until their passing; Anne in 1949 and Bob in 1950. Open to the public Noon to 3:00 PM everyday but Christmas. (Special hours Founders’ Day weekend).

Greenlawn Cemetery

2580 Romig Rd.
Akron, OH 44320
(330) 745-4515

Bill D. (A.A. #3), Gravesite Plot: Section F, Lot 517, Grave 3.

Dr. Bob’s Office

157 S Main St
Akron, Ohio 44308

Currently The Law Building.

King School (Original Location)

805 Memorial Pkwy.
Akron, Ohio 44303

“AA Group #1” met here after moving from Dr. Bob’s house on Ardmore Ave. Please respect the privacy of this elementary school.

Mt. Peace Cemetery

Dr. Bob”s Grave (across from 230 Aqueduct)
183 Aqueduct Drive
Akron Ohio 44303

Resting place of Dr. Bob & Anne Plot: Section 21, Lot 65, Grave 7

Portage Country Club

240 N Portage Path
Akron, OH 44303
(330) 836-4994

Bill stayed here for two weeks before moving in with Bob & Anne.

Rev. Tunks’ Rectory

Rev. Tunks was responsible for Bill calling Henrietta. The call came to his rectory at the corner of Casterton Ave. & Edgerton Rd (Private residence).

T. Henry & Clarace Williams’ Home

676 Palisades Dr.
Akron, Ohio 44303

The “Drunk Squad“ of the Oxford Group met here before moving to Dr. Bob’s home (Private residence).

Mayflower Hotel

263 S Main St.
Akron, Ohio 44308

Bill made the call to Rev. Tunks and then to Henrietta from this hotel.

Seiberling Gatehouse (Stan Hywet Estate)

Garman Rd. & Portage Path
714 N Portage Path
Akron, OH 44303 | (330) 836-5533


Henrietta Seiberling’s home where Bob & Bill first met.

Open to the public April through December, Tuesday – Sunday. For full hours, click here.