The Mission of the Akron AA Archives

  • To preserve the A.A. message and carry it to other alcoholics.
  • To preserve the history of our fellowship to prevent distortion.
  • To cooperate with and support other A.A. archives and archivists working within A.A.’s service structure and the 12 Traditions.

Interested in Becoming an Archives Volunteer?

If you love A.A. history and would like to volunteer your time to help at the Akron A.A. Archives, please call us at (330) 253-8182, e-mail us, or stop in on a Saturday to talk with our all-volunteer staff about how you can help. Whatever your background or talents, you can be a valuable addition to our group and help us to carry the A.A. message.

Archives Policy on Contributions

The Akron A.A. Archives is supported financially by the Akron Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous and by visitor contributions; in keeping with Tradition 7 we do not accept contributions from foundations, educational grants or other sources outside A.A.

We gratefully accept contributions from members of archival materials related to A.A.’s history, especially those having to do with the Akron area. We do not engage in buying and selling of historical materials; because our finances are limited and the trade in these materials among private collectors has driven the market prices up, we cannot justify spending A.A.’s limited funds to acquire materials for the Archives. The types of materials appropriate for donation to the Archives include:

  • Akron area meeting schedules
  • Akron area group histories
  • Akron area group flyers
  • personal correspondence
  • audio tapes & records
  • photos, movies, & video tapes
  • Big Books of Akron area old timers
  • books that influenced our early founders
  • recovery pamphlets
  • newspaper & magazine articles about A.A.
  • publications & memorabilia from conferences and Internationals

All materials are cared for to the best of our abilities, to ensure they are available for future generations. Anonymity of A.A. members, both living and deceased, is protected in accordance with Traditions 11 & 12 under our guidelines on anonymity. If you are considering a donation of archival materials we would be happy to explain how we safeguard anonymity by limiting access to sensitive items, as well as our conservation program for protecting the physical integrity of our holdings for future generations.

Requests for Full Names

In order to protect our members’ anonymity, all requests for information that involve full names must be submitted in writing and are subject to the Archives Committee approval.